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Coastal Bayshore

Coastal is a new addition to Bayshore and your new summer go to during the day, or a night out with friends. Coastal will definitely be your new spot. Fun cocktails (above is a Dragon Fruit Cocktail Special), great beer + tons a great food to share with friends + family. Owners Anthony and Andrew Tartaglia have created another restaurant that takes you away from Long Island and brings you food, drinks + experiences from places and cuisines like Jamaica + Barbados. Just like their other restaurant Verde Kitchen and Cocktails takes you from Long Island to Mexico ( You can read my review for Verde here). Keep reading to learn my thoughts and to see my photos from my tasting at Coastal. I was joined by some other local food bloggers to learn more about Coastal and what they have to offer!

Coastal Kitchen & Daiquiri Bar Review

Classic Mussels

We started off with the Classic Mussels, fresh mussels cooked in Chardonnay, garlic, butter and lemon. The Mussels come with Old Bay seasoned Focaccia Bread which was perfect for dipping! This was a simple dish done well with a ton of flavor. Perfect for sharing or hoarding all for yourself!

Monfongo Bites

Coastal BayshoreNext the Monfogo Bites were bought out to us and they were devoured in seconds! What’s a Monfogo Bite? At Coastal it’s mashed plantains, with pork belly, shrimp & roasted garlic, served with a shrimp sofrito sauce with fresh lime + Cilantro.

Seared Tuna BLT

Coastal Bayshore Now moving onto Sandwiches and larger plates we got to try the Seared Tuna BLT, another simple dish done very well! It comes with Yellowfin Tuna, bacon, tomato jam, lettuce and herb aioli on sour dough bread. The Tiki Mug is the Havana, Through Mexico, It includes Angostura 7 Year Rum, Luxardo Apricot Liqueur, coconut cream, orange flower water, Polynesian Kiss Tiki Bitters, pineapple, fresh lemon, Ilegal Mezcal Añejo float, grated nutmeg + fresh mint. Yes that all may be very hard to say but it’s very easy to drink… I loved this cocktail even with so many ingredients it was perfectly balanced and went well with their food menu items!

The Cubano Sandwich

Coastal BayshoreThis was my favorite sandwich! So much flavor is packed between the bread, it’s definitely a must try at Coastal! The Cubano has house cured ham, Cuban Roast Pork, Gruyere Cheese, dark rum molasses mustard and pickles on a medianoche roll. I’m going back to Coastal very soon and you can bet I will be ordering this sandwich again.

The Lobster Roll

Coastal BayshoreThis is the perfect sandwich for summer, I mean is that enough lobster for you?! No need for Amanda Bynes to call in the dancing lobsters because there’s more than enough lobster on this sandwich! It only gets better with Jerk seasoned bacon, herb aioli, caramelized fennel and creamy avocado all on Focaccia Bread.

House Special RamenCoastal Bayshore

Wasn’t expecting Ramen in this post? Neither was I! When Coastal bought out Ramen I was so shocked, but then I tried it. The Pork Belly melted in my mouth, the mushrooms had such a savory flavor and the runny yolk from the egg made it even better! I loved the fresh scallions because they brightened this dish and created a great balance of flavors. My favorite part was definitely the pork belly, I did take way more than what my portion should have been, since we were all sharing but I don’t feel the need to apologize.

I definitely recommend Coastal to my readers, go get your summer fill with friends + Family! Thank you to the Owners Anthony + Andrew for a great experience! Have any recommendations for restaurants you would like me to review? Comment Below! Don’t forget to follow me on Facebook and Instagram @baniandchai!

T| (631) 665-3030

A| 12 East Main Street Bayshore, New York

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