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Kabobshak Brookhaven

Kabobshak opened on April 22nd 2016. Since opening on Earth Day Kabobshak is loved by Restaurant Hunters, Long Island Pulse, Yelp and other Long Island food bloggers,  so I knew I had to check this place out. I was greeted by the Owner Alia Yassen and we hit it off right away talking about… you guessed it, food! She told me to order what ever I wanted, so I gave my order which was the Lamb kabob over rice with the Loaded Middle Eastern Fries. She told me to order more so that we can sit down to eat and talk together. I was so shocked but excited to have a meal with the owner! We sat for hours talking about Alias story opening Kabobshak and eating delisous Middle Eastern food made by Alia right infront of me. To learn more about the dishes served at Kabobshak keep reading!

Kabobshak Review

Kabobshak BrookhavenKabobshak BrookhavenLoaded Middle Eastern Fries

I was so excited to try the Loaded Middle Eastern fries once I saw them on the menu! The fries are topped with Samac and Zaatar which has lemon and oregano in it, hummus is then spooned over the fries, topped with red onions and your choice of shawarma. Alia and I decided to put both lamb and chicken on the fries (never done before)and it was a great choice!

Kabobshak BrookhavenLamb kabob over Rice

Juicy marinated chunks of Lamb served over perfectly cooked and seasoned rice topped with grilled tomato and onion. I was so impressed by this delicious and healthy meal! This dish is served with a side of Tabboulieh which includes parsley, bulgur, tomato and onion. This is something I could have every time I visit Kabobshak!

KabobshakStuffed Falafel

Kabobshak is known for their Stuffed Falafel, featured on Restaurant Hunters, it’s a must try! The falafel is ground with chickpeas, herbs and spices, stuffed with a mixture of spicy peppers and onions and served with your choice of 3 sauces, all made fresh at Kabobshak:

Tzatziki: Creamy yogurt sauce

Shutta: Spicy sauce

Tahini: Sesame seed sauce


kabobshakkabobshakKabobshak Desserts

Baklava: Baklava is a very popular dessert. Alia described how Middle Eastern Baklava can differ from Mediterranean Baklava, and that’s how its sweetened! This Baklava is made with phylo dough, Walnuts, cinnamon and rosewater syrup instead of honey.

Harissa: Coconut, semolina and yogurt base, sweetend with rosewater syrup and topped with roasted almonds. This pastry taste like a coconut cake! It was so delicious and satisfying.

Halvah: This pastry includes Tahini, powdered sugar and roasted pistachios. It was nice to see tahini used in both sweet and savory dishes at Kabobshak!

I’m so glad I got to meet Alia and the Chef Tarik Yasin. It was so nice to talk about their restaurant. I was blown away by the food and cant wait to go back to Kabobshak for more amazing dishes!

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T| (631) 320-3351

A| 680 Middle Country Road, Brookhaven 11784


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