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Verde Kitchen and CocktailsHave you ever wondered what it looks like when a group of food bloggers work together? It looks a little something like this picture above. I met up with 9 other Long Island Food Bloggers at Verde Kitchen and Cocktails for a tasting of their impressive menu. We sat in the Greenhouse where you’re surrounded by growing herbs and garnishes that will be served to the guests when they are ready to be picked. The owners Anthony Tartaglia, Andy Tartaglia and Chef/Owner Zachary Rude have been using seasonal and local produce to create their dishes and drinks since they opened in October 24th 2014. Read my review below to learn more about the incredible food and drinks served to us at our tasting.

Verde Kitchen and Cocktails

Verde Kitchen and CocktailsTropical Margarita

If your name is ” Verde Kitchen and Cocktails” you better be able to deliver big time on the cocktails. After tasting many of the drinks they have to offer I have to say that they absolutely do deliver!  This Tropical Margarita has grilled pineapple, papaya and mango infused Blanco Tequila. As well as orange liquor, organic agave, fresh lime and a salted rim.

Verde Kitchen and CocktailsLavender Mint Mojito

Every time I go to Verde you’ll hear me say “This is my new favorite drink!” It started with their Pumpkin Margarita in the fall, then the Blueberry Margarita was my next favorite, after that was the Coconut Pineapple Margarita and now its the Lavender Mint Mojito! This drink includes Caribbean White Rum, Greenhouse Lavender and fresh picked mint and lime. I can’t wait to go back and see what my next favorite will be!

Verde Kitchen and CocktailsScallop Ceviche

I’ve had another type of Ceviche at Verde before and thought that would be the best ceviche experience I would ever have. I was proven wrong when Chef Zachery brought out this new beautiful Scallop Ceviche, Verde changes up their Ceviche so make sure to keep trying their new creations! Before you even taste it you’ll notice that the plating itself is done so well, the colors are so bright from the fresh fish, the red pomegranates and the green Agua Chile (Chili water).


Verde Kitchen and CocktailsPulpo

Here is another example of a beautifully plated dish. All of Verde’s dishes have such a great color contrast, so much thought is put into these dishes before they are brought out to you. They ask themselves things like “What seasonal ingredients can we use on our menu?” and “How local can we source our produce from?” as well as “Does it go with our concept/brand?”  This delicious taco has charred octopus, cabbage and crema on a squid ink tortilla that is perfect for summer!

Verde Kitchen and CocktailsTaco Del Dia

I would have to say that this was everyones favorite taco! There is so much flavor and texture from the beer battered zucchini blossoms, as well as the honey pepitas and arbol cojita cheese. This a great example of local produce used in the best way. This taco is also a great vegetarian option!

Verde Kitchen and CocktailsRajas

This hearty and filling taco has so much flavor from the caramelized onions, roasted poblanos and potatoes. It also includes sautéed kale, crema, almonds and lime. This is another great example of a vegetarian option that is served at Verde.

Verde Kitchen and CocktailsOaxacan Carne Asada

When you go to Verde you MUST order the Oaxcan Carne Asada, voted #1 Best Dish of 2017 by Restaurant Hunter and possibly Best Dish of every year by myself. This impressive entrée includes marinated skirt steak cooked to perfection everytime, charred onions and chiles, fried sweet plantains and avocado relish served with toasted garlic rice and warm tortillas. My sister got me hooked on this dish and I don’t know if there’s anything I can do to repay her.

Verde Kitchen and CocktailsPato ‘Carnitas’

This Duck Confit Carnitas was done so well. The duck was cooked and seasoned perfectly, the radish and fennel added texture as well as acidity and the salsa verde primavera was the perfect sauce to finish this dish with.  “Confit” means to cook in its own fat, typically used with duck, when Chef Zachery told us about this dish he commented that restaurants typically just confit the leg of a duck but Verde confits a whole Rohan Duck. They pair it with a salsa verde primavera, shaved fennel and radishes served with warm tortillas.

Verde Kitchen and CocktailsPescado del Dia

Verde loves to change up their menu with a “Pescado del Die” which means fish of the day. We enjoyed a whole roasted Fluke  with kale and roasted garlic rice. Chef Zachery suggests to use the sauce under the fish and spoon it over the rice and kale!

Everyone at the tasting was so impressed by the menu, drinks and décor as well as the incredible staff. Make sure to check out Verde Kitchen and Cocktails in Bayshore for a memorable experience. If you have already been to Verde go see what they’ve been up to since their menu is ever changing! I want to thank the owners and the staff for a great night and the opportunity to learn more about Verde and their menu!

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A| 70 East Main Street Bayshore, New York 11706





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