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Tullulahs BayshoreI had to decide where to go for my birthday dinner. It had to be special, something everyone would love and needed a lot of variety, that’s why Tullulah’s came to mind. Tullulah’s menu changes with the season and focuses on local seasonal items, that’s something I’ve always had respect for. It can be so hard for a restaurant to come up with one menu that is not only delicious, but has the right food cost, can be served in a fast paced restaurant, as well as work well with multiple palates, now try doing that four times a year!

That’s what Tullulah’s does, and they do it incredibly well. This restaurant stands out from others on long Island because of its menu and décor. The décor takes you away from long Island and brings you into TriBeCa or even Brooklyn. I was extremely impressed with Tullulah’s and their menu, you can learn more by reading my review below.

Tullulah’s Restaurant Review

    *Spring Menu*

Tullulahs BayshoreMac-N-Cheese with Pork Belly

I had to start off with this beauty. I’m the kind of person who has to order something different every time I go back to a restaurant, but I cant seem to not order this. To make it even better you can now add pork belly to this glorious dish, Tullulah’s uses elbow pasta with a smoked gouda cheese sauce.  Although Tullulah’s changes their menu with the season, they keep a couple of their main stars on their menu, I’m so glad that this is one of them. This is one of the top 5 best Mac-N-Cheese I have ever had… that would make a great blog post…

Tullulahs BayshoreTruffle Arancini

This is another example of something I can’t seem to pass up every time I go to Tullulah’s. I am such a variety person so this is rare. Rice balls can be very hit or miss. They can be dried out and not have any texture on the outside as well as having no flavor to them, or they can be crispy on the outside, creamy on the inside and be seasoned well. Tullulah’s does it perfectly every single time, and the truffles can only make it better. This is a must try!

Tullulahs BayshoreChorizo

The Chorizo is perfect for any time of year, that’s probably why Tullulah’s keeps it on their menu all year long! This dish includes spanish style sausage with brown sugar glazed apples, topped off with sriracha aioli and scallions. The sausage is perfectly caramelized and seasoned, the sriracha aioli adds some heat while the brown sugar glazed apples cool your palate afterwards. Isn’t it said that “an apple with chorizo a day keeps the Dr. away?”


Tullulahs BayshoreMussels Frites

I ordered the Mussels Frites and what a great choice it proved to be. I love the plating of this dish as well as the color contrast, it’s a picture perfect plate. This beautiful dish consists of Mussels and hand cut fries over a white wine sauce with tomato confit, toasted garlic and oregano.  I love the concept of dunking the crispy French fries into the sauce underneath, it was such a filling dish.


Tullulahs Bayshore40 oz Rib Eye

Yes you read that right, A 40 oz Rib Eye is being served at Tullulah’s! This is obviously a meal to share or take home and eat it for the rest of the week. This perfectly cooked and seasoned rib eye is served  up with a compound butter. You can also add a side dish, your choices are Truffle Manchego Fries, Heirloom Roasted Carrots, Crispy Brussel Sprouts or Seasonal Vegetables.

As you can see there was a lot of food! That because Tullulah’s is a tapas-style restaurant. This means instead of being committed to one large dish you can try a couple of smaller dishes. This is what a variety lover like myself adores. This spot is perfect for hanging out with friends, going out on a date or eating out with your family like I did for my birthday.  If you love dining out put Tullulah’s on your list, especially if you value seasonal menus done right.


T| (631) 969-9800

A| 12 4th Ave Bayshore, NY 11706

* Tullulah’s is NOT to be confused with Tulas kitchen down the street. You can read my review for Tula Kitchen by clicking here.

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