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Tula Kitchen

Do you ever want to go out with friends and family and not feel bad about what you’re eating but not sacrifice amazing flavor either? Then it’s time to check out Tula Kitchen in Bayshore! The meals they are serving up are health conscious and delicious. I’ve been going to Tula kitchen for years, but last week I had the privilege of doing a tasting there with 10 other foodies, all of whom have there own food accounts. (listed below my review).  We learned more about the story behind the delicious meals and learned some of the things that inspired this truly delectable (yet health friendly) menu.

Tula Kitchen

Tula KitchenCous Cous Salad

This hearty salad included roasted red pepper, artichoke hearts, avocado, local micro greens, arugula, feta, sunflower seeds, chick peas, cucumber, tomato and white wine balsamic basil dressing. It pretty much has all of my favorite ingredients on one plate so I was definitely happy with this salad. This is a great vegetarian option!


Tula Kitchen Asian Noodle Salad

Unfortunately this picture came out a little blurry but that’s what happens when 10 other foodies want the perfect shot. However make no mistake, this salad’s intentions are clear as a bell! To bring the amazing taste of healthy Asian fusion onto Main Street in Bayshore. This Asian noodle salad was very good! I loved the Asian peanut dressing, as well as the noodles that were the star of this salad.


Tula KitchenStuffed Avocado

This is going to be my new favorite dish at Tulas! I’m obsessed with avocado and its health benefits. Not only does the quinoa keep you full and satisfied but it goes very well with the caramelized onions, spinach and feta. Its so nice to go out to eat and have so many healthy options on the menu!


Tula KitchenBrussel Tacos

This is such a great idea for a group of people! You can make your own taco with romaine lettuce wraps, roasted brussel sprouts, cotija cheese, beans, radishes, ranchero sauce, salsa and taco crema. This is a great vegetarian and mostly carb free dish! “Pass the chick peas please?”


Tula KitchenLatin Love Board

This is a close up of the Latin Love Board. This board includes fresh fruit, Tula Toast, honey ricotta as well as baked brie with roasted veggies. This was a favorite among the other foodies. This is the perfect appetizer or something to split with a glass of wine if your not feeling super hungry.


Tula Kitchen

Po-Kay Bowl

Poke bowl are definitely trending right now, that’s another thing I love about Tulas they take what’s trending and turn it into a delicious healthy option for you! Tulas Po-Kay bowl includes your choice of tuna or tofu, red cabbage, cukes( cucumber) watermelon radish, edamame, roasted Brussel sprouts, yellow beets, avocado, purple rice, micro greens and carrot ginger dressing. Everything was very fresh and plated beautifully.

Tula KitchenVeggie Moussaka

This classic greek dish includes breaded eggplant, potatoes, spinach, béchamel feta and Tula red sauce. This was one of my favorites, it was cooked and seasoned perfectly. This is the perfect comfort food to not feel bad about after!


Tula KitchenAlmond Crusted Chicken

I’ve had the Almond Crusted Chicken many times before our tasting at Tula. The chicken is very tender and super flavorful and has a lot of texture from the almond crust. With the salad under the chicken it turns into a pretty big portion so it will definitely keep you full and satisfied.

Tula Kitchen Bread Pudding

This bread pudding includes warm pears, apples and plums mixed with a raisin brandy sauce. Then it’s topped off with ice cream and whipped cream. Tula’s bread pudding is perfect for the Fall with it’s warm spices, it makes me wish that next month would be October and not July. This delicious dessert went very quickly and was loved by everyone.

Tula Kitchen Tula’s Earth Moving Dream Bar

I can not say for certain whether the earth stopped moving or tilted on its axis a bit more (I am a foodie not a scientist) but eating this dream bar certainly did make time stand still for a moment. This dream bar is a combination of shortbread praline and coconut, it was the perfect pair that made a perfect dessert.

Tula KitchenScrumptious Chocolate Cake

When we asked the manager of Tula’s John Waldeck to give us more information on this chocolate cake  he said ” It’s just straight up deliciousness.” If that doesn’t tell you how good this chocolate cake is I don’t know what will. Delicious, Scrumptious, decadent and delectable…(Or any other adjective you can think of, I am a foodie not an English professor, sensing a theme here?)

Tula Kitchen So grateful for this amazing tasting at Tula Kitchen! I wanted to say thank you to the owners Jackie Sharlup and Lina Rinaudo for a great night and taking the time to teach us more about Tula Kitchen and the food they serve. As well as the manager John Waldeck for the incredible service. Such a great (healthy!) night with amazing food and making memories with great friends! Be sure to follow the rest of the crew!










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T| (631) 539-7183

A| 41-43 East Main Street Bayshore, New York 11706

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