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Athenian Greek TavernaI had the pleasure of joining 9 other foodies who have their own food accounts (I have them listed below this review)to come together and attend a tasting at Athenian Greek Taverna in Commack! Now its your turn to experience (as much as you can through a screen of course) some of the amazing food we had to eat at our tasting. The Chef and Owner Alex Homenides had us try different appetizers, entrees and desserts. He told us more about running the restaurant, this amazing cuisine and where he wants to take the restaurant in the future. Alex talked to us about how Greek cuisine is so simple but done so well. The philosophy with which Alex bases himself on is that when it comes to Greek cuisine there’s no reason to make it super complicated, you just have to do it right, which Alex and the incredible staff have been doing for over 20 years!

Athenian Greek Taverna

Athenian Greek TavernaImported Feta

First up we had this amazing feta, I always knew that I loved this Greek staple, but this put all others before it to shame. Now I know what true top quality feta is really all about. Its such a simple dish but the flavors are truly incredible, something that is a common trend at Athenian Greek Taverna.


Athenian Greek TavernaSpicy Feta with Crunchy Pita Chips

This was such a great appetizer! I’ve never had Pita chips like this so that was a first and I’ve also never had spicy feta! Alex told us that spice pretty knew to Greek cuisine, he mixes the feta with Sriracha to make this perfect blend. The drizzle of olive oil on top was the perfect finish for this amazing appetizer.

Athenian Greek TavernaGrilled Halloumi

“Oh my god this is so good! It’s obviously grilled chicken… Right?!” – what I said when I first tried it. I don’t know if a lot of people say that or if the wine was talking but this is actually grilled cheese and it has a very firm texture and was very hearty. It was so good I wish I ordered some to bring home.


Athenian Greek TavernaGigantes

These are gigantic butter beans. They are imported, soaked over night, boiled and then finished in the oven with dill, tomato and olive oil. They had so much flavor and were perfectly cooked. This is a great side dish or appetizer.


Athenian Greek TavernaGrilled Octopus

This was one of my favorites! Again, so simply done but the flavors are so good! The texture of the octopus was great with the acidity from the lemon and the smooth olive oil to finish. I would recommend this dish for someone who has never tried octopus and would like to try it for the first time since its so simple and delicious.


Athenian Greek TavernaYia Yia’s Eggplant

I could eat this all day. The eggplant is actually not even breaded! It’s fried then broiled with tomatoes and onions as well as three different cheeses, which are Kasseri, Parmesan and feta. This is a great vegetarian dish!


Athenian Greek Taverna

Mussels and Clams

Alex told us that he likes to play around with different dishes using mussels and clams. For us at the tasting we had both mussels and clams with fresh kalamata olives, garlic and lemon. He also has a dish Land and Sea that has fresh Little Neck clams and Greek sausage sautéed in a garlic white wine sauce. Which I had tried the week after when I brought my boyfriend Rich to try Athenian Greek Taverna(He was very impressed by the way).


Athenian Greek TavernaSpanakopita

This was so good that we were just picking it up and eating with our hands. This is philo dough stuffed with spinach and feta. The dough was perfectly cook and as you can see has a lot of layers, The spinach and feta was super creamy and had a ton of flavor! Its another new favorite of mine.

Athenian Greek tavernaDessert Platter

We had so much food that I didn’t even think I could touch any of the dessert. Then this beautiful platter of Greek deserts was set on the table for us. The corner triangles are Baklava, then the two outer triangles with powdered sugar is their pound cake. Then there’s the Kataifi which reminded me of frosted mini wheat cereal which I absolutely loved! All of the desserts were amazing and a perfect way to end our meal.

Athenian Greek Taverna

Chocolate Cake with Baileys Buttercream

This cake was incredible! It’s a chocolate cake with baileys buttercream and chocolate ganache. Alex’s wife made this for our tasting and we absolutely loved it! You can follow her at @cupcakesbykath for more of her creations.

Athenian Greek TavernaCheers to an amazing night, meeting new people and gaining new friends! Be sure to follow the rest of the crew on Instagram.







I want to thank Rachel from @margasweetness for setting up this amazing tasting with Alex, as well as the wonderful staff at Athenian Greek Taverna!

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