San Diego- Racho Bernardo Inn


San DiegoThis year has been such a big traveling year for me and I love sharing it with you guys! It just so happens that I needed to go to  San Diego twice this year and I’m so happy I did! I was so blown away by the food, atmosphere and the gorgeous weather. Even though we were in San Diego for business we found time to enjoy the hotel, the views and of course the food.

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Tainted Treats

Tainted TreatsBrandi Covington started Tainted Treats June 1st 2017. Based out of Queens, Brandi offers up mini cupcakes infused with alcohol. The mini cupcakes can be infused with Patron, Corona or Rum, these tasty treats are perfect for your next party!

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Islip Farmers Market GIVEAWAY!

Islip Farmers Market Giveaway
Photo provided by Herbies Crumb Cakes
I’m so excited to announce that I am doing a giveaway with some of the vendors from the Islip Farmers Market! I love Farmers Markets and was so excited to check out a local one. The winner of this giveaway will receive a free item from all six vendors! To learn more about this big giveaway keep reading!
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Montauk – 2017

Montauk 2017For the last two summers my boyfriend Rich has taken me to Montauk for my birthday. It’s such a great chance to indulge in amazing food while enjoying incredible views. Montauk is known for the beaches and the hot sun, but we spent the entire time checking out our favorite food spots. I have some exciting news to share as well

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Tullulah’s Spring Menu – Bayshore

Tullulahs BayshoreI had to decide where to go for my birthday dinner. It had to be special, something everyone would love and needed a lot of variety, that’s why Tullulah’s came to mind. Tullulah’s menu changes with the season and focuses on local seasonal items, that’s something I’ve always had respect for.

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Athenian Greek Taverna Tasting – Commack

Athenian Greek TavernaI had the pleasure of joining 9 other foodies who have their own food accounts (I have them listed below this review)to come together and attend a tasting at Athenian Greek Taverna in Commack! Now its your turn to experience (as much as you can through a screen of course) some of the amazing food we had to eat at our tasting.

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